Active Learning & Group Work - Cooperation Project

Timeline created by Claudia De Lemos
  • Class Project Presentation

    Class Project Presentation
    Presentation of the project, explanation of the objectives and importance of the repetition of the learnt vocabulary to promote fluency. General studied themes throughout the year to use in the project selection.
  • Group selection

    Group selection
    6 groups of 5 students were created including a native leader in each group to develop the collaborative poster. They were asked to copy each name in their notebooks to know their partners
  • Project vocabulary selection.

    Project vocabulary selection.
    Assignment of specific vocabulary according to the theme of each group. Doubts and concerns Clarification. They were told that the pre-service teacher will provide the cardboards and they will have to bring 10 illustrations, 2 by each member to complete the group work poster on Tuesday, November 12th
  • Group Work and Poster Creation – Active Collaborative Learning

    Group Work and Poster Creation – Active Collaborative Learning
    The 6 groups of students gathered and created their thematic posters on the floor and by themselves. They worked under their group leader directions and who also worked without any specific tutor's guide or intervention. They all did what they wanted to create and decided by all of them. It was an awesome activity and a meaningful learning experience for them.
  • Group Poster – Oral Expositions

    Group Poster – Oral Expositions
    Project expositions: All groups presented their marvelous collaborative poster, and evidence of their excellent English oral performance can be seen by the teacher through the following link.