Access Builder Web Application

  • Group Brainstorming & Ideation Session

    Group Brainstorming & Ideation Session
    Specialty Access Committee of the Integrated Care Collaboration
  • Period: to

    Information Gathering

    ->Subject Matter Expert interviews
    ->Literature reviews
    ->Evaluation and Synthesis of EBP
    ->Group process- brain storming, ideation
  • Period: to

    Propose the Innovation

    Course correction as input is received
  • Proposal to Committee Chair

    Proposal to Committee Chair
    Present proposal to Specialty Access Committee Chair
  • Proposal to Specialty Access Committee

    Proposal to Specialty Access Committee
    Receive input from:

    ->Specialty access committee
    ->Project Access staff
    ->Community Health center leadership
  • Presentation to funding Foundation

    Presentation to funding Foundation
    Present beta innovation concept to the key funder
  • Period: to

    Course Correction and Planning

    ->Innovation modification based on input from committee, funders, other subject matter experts.
    ->Bids for work requested and received
    ->Pro Forma prepared
    ->Develop evaluation criteria, expected measurable outcomes
  • Decision to fund

    Decision to fund
    ->Presentation to investors
    ->Includes pro forma and outcomes measures
    Hopefully it will be a yes! We will assume it is from this point forward.
  • Period: to

    Tool Design

    ->Project Manager hired
    ->Specialist, PCP, staff interviews to design user interface
    ->Physician advisory board develops standard referral forms and protocols
  • Submit Completed User Requirements to vendor

    Submit Completed User Requirements to vendor
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Recruit Specialists and PCPs to use tool

  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    Course Correction and Bug Fixes

  • Period: to

    Pilot the Program

  • Period: to

    Staff and Provider Education

  • Access Builder Go Live!

    Access Builder Go Live!