Aboriginal affairs

Aboriginal Affairs

  • Royal Proclamation

    Royal Proclamation
    Royal Proclamation The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was a document set out to prevent any further settlement across North America until further negotiation with the aboriginals occured.
  • The Reserve System

    The Reserve System
    A system put in place by the federal government that gave the government control over the land and property of aboriginals in Canada
  • The Indian Act

    The Indian Act
    Indian Act The Canadian government's official way of encouraging aboriginal peoples to give up their own culture and traditions, thereby assimilating them into the mainstream culture of Canada
  • Aboriginal Right to Universal Suffrage

    Aboriginal Right to Universal Suffrage
    Aboriginal Suffrage in 1960, aborignal peoples were finally given the right to vote in federal elections in Canada
  • National Indian Brotherhood and Native Council

    National Indian Brotherhood and Native Council
    National Indian Brotherhood and Native Council Two groups formed in reaction to The White Paper. The National Indian Brotherhood was created to represent status indians and the Native Council was created to represent non-status indians and metis.
  • The White Paper

    The White Paper
    White PaperA paper introduced by the Canadian government to address the issues facing aboriginal peoples in Canada. Some of the issues mentioned include abolishing reserves and ending special status for treaty indians.
  • Residential School System Abolsihed

    Residential School System Abolsihed
    History of Residential SchoolsThe purpose of the schools were to adapt the children into people who could function in an urban society. The government felt that the ways of the aboriginal people were not advancing quickly enough to keep up with modern society. When the government started to realize that the children weren't fitting in with their old communities nor in an urban setting, the cries for help were finally answered.
  • Movement Towards Self Government

    Movement Towards Self Government
  • Assembly of First Nations

    Assembly of First Nations
  • Passing of Bill C-31

    Passing of Bill C-31
    Bill C-31Bill C-31 was a bill put in place to straighten up the Indian Act and put it into line with gender equality rights set out in the Charter of Rights and Freedom. The bill proposed numerous variations to certain parts of the Indian Act including changes to Indian status and band membership, as well as allowing bands to control their own band membership as a step towards self government.
  • Meech Lake

    Meech Lake
    Meech Lake Accord All ten premiers met in Meech Lake to change the constitution to include Quebec. The meeting resulted in an agreement between provincial and federal governments to ammend the constitution and declare Quebec as a distinct society.
  • Oka Stand Off

    Oka Stand Off
    Oka CrisisIn Oka, Quebec, the municipality decided to extend a golf course onto land that the Mohakws claimed to belong ot them. In protest, the Mohawks set up road blocks and blockades that lasted for over six months. The police stepped in and stormed the barricades which lead to a police offer getting killed. Soon after the Canadian Army stepped in and had a big stand-off, the Mohawks reached an agreement and were given back the land.
  • Gustafasen Lake

    Gustafasen Lake
    Gustafsen Lake Near Shuswap, BC, a multi year sundance ceremony had been going for a few years. In 1995 a fence was put up in order to keep the cattle away from the ceremony. The rancher who owned the cows started to become upset and ordered the RCMP in for help. The RCMP observed the sundancers and kept peace until the ceremony was complete.
  • Ipperwash Ontario

    Ipperwash Ontario
    Ipperwash CrisisWhen aboriginals occupied land on a former army base and refused to leave, tensions started to flair. The aboriginals wanted the Stony Point Reserve returned to them but their demands were not met. The Ontario Provincial Police stepped in which resulted in an aboriginal protester being killed.
  • Nisga'a Treaty

    Nisga'a Treaty
    Nisga'a Treaty The nisga'a people signed an important treaty in 1998 with provincial and federal governments which gave them powers of self government regarding culture, language, and family life.
  • Delgamuluukw Case

    Delgamuluukw Case
    Delgamuukw CaseThe Delgamuluukw Case was concerning the definition of the aborigninal title.
  • Creation of Nunavut

    Creation of Nunavut
    NunavutIn 1999, Nunavut was created being the third territoy in Canada. In Nunavut, aborignal peoples were given the right of self-government regarding education and justice systems.