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  • analytical machine

    analytical machine
    The first analytical machine had all the essential features in modern computers today. The analytical machine was progammable through punching holes in cards.
  • holes in cards

    holes in cards
    a way of storing data in early computers through punching holes in to cards and putting them into the computer to process and store data.

    Electronic numerial interagater and computer, the first electronic operational digital device that was developed by the army
  • Von Neumann Archatexture

    Von Neumann Archatexture
    A design program for storing in it's hardware and has a seperate storing hardware.
  • high level programming language

    high level programming language
    An independent computer language such as Java and cobal it corraspods to several different computers

    Universal automatic computer was a computer milestone for its age. It was the fastest computer in it's age.