Aaron's Foundation of Education

  • Period: to

    Pre-Aaronian Era

    Before the most important person in the modern world of Education came to be.
  • Scopes Trial Verdict

    Scopes Trial Verdict
    Tennessee Supreme Court rules that teaching evolution has no place in public schools. John Scopes was therefore found guilty.
  • Bertrand Russell's "Education and Discipline" essay

    (uncertain of exact date) Bertrand Russell writes essay regarding ethics in how classrooms should be run. Pure discipline is detrimental to child's ability to have compassion. Pure freedom creates bullying and coercion by peer. Teachers must allow students to pursue interests with moderation.
  • Albert Einstein advises against nuclear warfare

    Albert Einstein, understanding that the use of nuclear weapons could risk a world conflict involving the fear of nuclear weapons, sends a letter to a dying Franklin Roosevelt, advising against bombing Japan. This letter was not read until Truman had already approved bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • Orwell's 1984 is published

    Orwell's 1984 is published
    1984 hits the bookshelves, presenting the idea that if government controls the people, they control what is determined to be "knowledge." Clear paradoxes exist throughout Oceania, but the uneducated society does not possess the capability to resist.
  • Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

    Poetic Justice by James Ming Chen Supreme Court ruled that de jure segregation is unconstitutional, forcing schools to integrate with "all deliberate speed."
  • Anti-Intellectualism in American Life

    Anti-Intellectualism in American Life
    Hofstadter publishes his most famous work, explaining how American Society does not value the intellectual. (unsure of actual publishing date)
  • Head Start Program

    Does Head Start Make A difference? by Currie and Thomas President Lyndon Johnson enacts Head Start program, allowing low-income children the chance for additional education, in an effort to try to level the playing field.
  • Mao Zedong closes univesities in China

    Mao Zedong closes univesities in China
    (Not sure about the date) Mao Zedong, the totalitarian leader of China, ordered that all universities in China will be closed down. This was probably necessary in order for his system to remain static; uneducated students would not likely realize how bad of a leader Zedong is.
  • Pink Floyd's "The Wall"

    Pink Floyd's "The Wall"
    Pink Floyd releases "The Wall," depicting the factory, pawn images that schools had back in the day. This shows how education was once done in a rather abusive, totalitarian manner.
  • Period: to

    AaroninGradeSchoolian Era

    A prominent figure in Foundations of Education goes through public schooling.
  • Noam Chomsky discusses "Education is Ignorance"

    (unsure of actual date) This interview is recorded in "Class Warfare, published in 1995. Chomsky discusses the ineptitude resulting in education system.
  • Dora the Explorer airs on television

    Dora the Explorer airs on television
    A kids show that teaches bits of Spanish and establishes multi-cultural acceptance in the home airs on television. This is really a major step, for kids now unconsciously watch a person implied to be of Hispanic "race."
  • September 11 hits home

    The school is raised into a state of panic as we hear about a terrorist attack on the WTC. The school makes numerous efforts to try to calm and help those whose relatives were victims.
  • Multi-cultural Canon

    Aaron's 10th grade English teacher, Mrs. Ellen Geisler, rejects teaching the classical Canon, and substitutes it with a series of books that were not written by White Christians.
  • Aaron takes the OGT

    Every morning for the week, Aaron had to fill in bubbles corresponding to multiple choice questions that did not really pick his brain.
  • Aaron meets physics

    Aaron takes his first ever physics class, and so begins his first understanding in the field that will inevitably be his major. During this course, he realizes that learning is not about memorizing inert facts, but is really much easier when one simply understands the conceptual basis of the equations, thus making learning more fun and easier.
  • Aaron learns about Hegelian Dialect

    During this time, Aaron's wonderful English teacher introduces to him what Hegelian dialect is, and how it demonstrates the construction of ideological evolution. Who the hell thought that this isn't important in a school's curriculum?
  • Eric Mohat takes his life

    A childhood friend of Aaron's, Eric Mohat, who was a year younger than Aaron, commits suicide, which led to a major debate for years to come... It is also worth noting that another student his age, Meredith Rezak, hung herself a few weeks later. Mentor Schools received significant flack for this event.
  • Period: to

    Post-Aaroningradeschoolian Era

    Period of time between which Aaron has finished high school and Aaron earns his teaching license.
  • Aaron discovers rock and roll

    Aaron discovers rock and roll
    A friend of Aaron's in college introduces him to classic rock and roll. Who could believe that it took this long for the guy who always wears Led Zeppelin or Metallica shirts to hear good music? Rock and roll often tries to push political issues to the audience, but the audience is often too stoned to realize this.
  • Aaron learns formal logic

    Aaron learns about how to form deductive arguments, thus improving his ability to argue without allowing unfair emotions interfere with style.
  • SB-5

    John Kasich (R-OH) (BOOOOO!) signs bill removing collective bargaining rights for teachers, and other public workers, establishing a diminishing public sector.
  • Aaron is really bored in easy Astronomy class

    Because the content of the course is very easy, Aaron finds that much of the coursework is merely "busywork."
  • Aaron receives teaching license

    Aaron receives a teaching license, thus radically changing the world of education, as the Mayans predicted.