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A Year in Preschool

  • Byron Douglas Visits

    Byron Douglas Visits
    Byron Douglas visits the Bluebird classroom to discuss weather and how it changes in the fall.
  • Pumpkin Exploration

    Pumpkin Exploration
    The Yellowbirds and Bluebirds visit Mayse Farm and begin their exploration of the life cycle of the pumpkin. The children participate in activities such as carving pumpkins, seed tasting, weighing and measuring the pumpkins.
  • Jackson Pollack

    Jackson Pollack
    The children finish their exploration of painting in the style of Jackson Pollack.
  • Letters to Santa

    Letters to Santa
    The children explore customs of cultures around the world and discuss how their families celebrate the holidays. Families are invited to share customs and tradional foods with the class. As part of the American Christmas Tradition, the children compose letters to Santa.
  • Frosty's Here

    Frosty's Here
    The children create a snowman and snow fort on the playground. The children also catch snowflakes on a piece of black construction paper and study the flakes with a magnifying glass.
  • Dental Health

    Dental Health
    A dental hygentist visits the children. She read a book to the children and had the children practice brushing stuffed animals' teeth with the big tooth brushes she brought.
  • Stories Emerge

    Stories Emerge
    The children’s hard work pays off as they start to write their own stories to go along with their illustrations.
  • Period: to

    Pendulum Exploration

  • Tree Cookies

    Tree Cookies
    Slices of tree trunks were donated for the children to explore on the playground. The children stacked them, rolled them, and created structures out of the “tree cookies” to enhance their play.
  • Ducks Visit

    Ducks Visit
    A mother duck once again decided that the drainage ditch by our school was the perfect place to raise her ducklings.
  • Butterfly Release

    Butterfly Release
    After watching caterpillars form cocoons, the children released the caterpillars into the garden. Unfortunately, this year the children were able to witness the circle of life when a bird snatched a butterfly they had just released.
  • Baseball

    The children begin to play more organized sports in the spring and bring their knowledge of t-ball and soccer to their play.