A Toast to Michael Jackson

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  • Birth of Michael Jackson

    Birth of Michael Jackson
    michael was the 8th chld of 10. Born in Gary, Indiana
  • Jackson 5

    Jackson 5
    in 1969 Michael had his firs big hit "I want you back" with the Jackson 5
  • going solo

    going solo
    first solo song "Ben" a love song to a movie rat
  • Becomes a superstar

    Becomes a superstar
    "Off the Wall" Michels fifth studio album
  • Thriller

    Sold 26 million copies. This album made him 1980's biggest star.
  • Diagnosed with Disease

    Diagnosed with Disease
    Michael Jackson was diganosed with a rare skin disease called vitiligo. It is a condition where your skin patches. Over the years his treatments began to make his skin lighter and lighter.
  • 8 Grammy's

    8 Grammy's
    Michael won 8 gammies including album, record, and producer of the year.
  • Hollywood Star

    Hollywood Star
    Michael Jackson got his walk of fame with a Hollywood star because he was known as the king of pop.
  • Interview with Oprah

    Interview with Oprah
    First television interview in 14 years. Tells his story about his skin complexion changes with Oprah Winfrey.
  • Changed colors

    Changed colors
    He officially toned his whole body to one color. Michael Jackson was now known as a black man who changed to white.
  • First Divorce

    First Divorce
    His first wife Presley filed for divorce. In the same year he remarried to a nurse Debbie Rowe.
  • First Child with Rowe

    First Child with Rowe
    He had a son with his second wife and named him Prince Michael. One year later he has a daughter Paris Michael Katherine.
  • Released Invincable

    Released Invincable
    The album Invincable was released selling 2.1 million copies.
  • 2nd son

    2nd son
    Michael had one more son known as Blanket but his real name is Prince Michael II.
  • Death of Michael Jackson

    Death of Michael Jackson
    Died from cardic arrest at the age of 50. Right before he was going to preform his last 50 concerts in London.