A timeline of technology: 1950-2011

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    A timeline of technology

    This timeline shows important milestones of technology from 1950-2011
  • ERA1101

    The ERA1101 is similar to the present-day hard drive. The exact date of invention is unknown
  • IBM System/360

    IBM System/360
    The IBM system/360 is the first mass-produced computer. It was a very successful product
  • Mobile Phone

    Mobile Phone
    The mobile phone has changed how people talk to each other. People now are able to communicate anywhere (in network zones). Since the mobile phone is so popular, phone boxes have began to disappear!
  • Digital camera

    Digital camera
    The digital camera was invented in 1975. It used a CCD sensor, similar to what we use today. Now, cameras are able to use CMOS sensors. As of 2011, a new kind of digital camera emerged. It is essentially a hybrid between an SLR and a point and shoot. These cameras have interchangeable lenses.
  • Laptop

    The laptop was designed for people who needed computing devices when away from their homes. The first successful laptop computer is the Osborne-1. The first laptop with a graphical user interface was the Macintosh Portable, but it did not sell well due to high prices and the need to have a battery to start it, even on mains power.
  • Macintosh

    The Apple Macintosh was the first successful computer to have a graphical user interface. Apple's earliest attempt, the Apple Lisa was a failure because it was too expensive.
  • USB Flash Drive

    USB Flash Drive
    The inventor of the USB flash drive is disputed. The day of when the USB flash drive is also disputed. The date given is when IBM started selling USB flash disks. USB flash drives have appeared since 2000, and are currently very popular, as people are able to transport files around, without the hassle of large hard drives. The largest USB flash drive has the capacity of 256gb
  • iPod

    The iPod was invented, as Apple's engineers thought other portable music players had bad interfaces. The iPod was a big success and now has four models: iPod Shuffle, iPod nano, iPod Classic and the iPod touch.
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    The Nintendo Wii was invented in 2006. It was originally called the Nintendo Revolution. The Wii requires players to move, therefore the Wii suits people who play sport games, as they do not just sit down and press buttons.
  • iPhone

    The iPhone was Apple's first entry into the smartphone market. It was a huge success, but the first model did not have 3G or downloadable apps. Now, the iOS platform has over 400,000 apps. The most recent model is the iPhone 4. It has a front camera and HD recording.