A Sound of Thunder

  • Eckels signs up

    Eckels signs up for the time travel safari for ten thousand dollars.
  • Mr. Travis

    Mr. Travis is the safari guide and he will tell Eckels what and how to shoot. Mr Travis also tell Eskels that if he says no shooting and he shoots that there will be another fine of ten thousand dollars and maybe even governemnet action on his return. He aslo tells Eckels that going returning back alive is not guaranteed.
  • Eckels seeing the time machine

    Eckels was amazed on seeing a real actual time machine. He couldn't believe that it was sitting there right in front of him. He had to sign a release taht if something happens to him they are not responsible.
  • Time Travel Machine

    It was time for Eckels and Mr. Travis to travel back into time. Days and nights passed, then a week, a month, a year, a decade and more and more and more and as soon as they knew it they were gone. Mr. Travis talks to Eckels about the dinosaurs and how many brains they have also how if they are going to shoot one they should shoot them in the eyes so they can blind them and get at least one of the brains, the one in the head.
  • Once the machine has stopped.

    Mr.Travis mentions many things such as that Christ hasn't been born yet and also how Napoleon, Caesar an dHitler had not been born yet. He also mentions that there is a certain path they have to follow and to not step off of it because there will be another penanlty for that and if he does step off of it it can change the future.
  • Explaining how one thing can affect many things.

    Mr.Travis explains to Eckels on how one little thing can make q great change in the future with many things. The example he gives is that if he steps on a mouse that mouse is dead and maybe even billions and that affects the foxes and the death of the foxes affects a lion and so on.
  • Killing the t-rex

    Lesparance marks the animals they can kill with red paint and eckels is scared because he says that the anial he wants to kill, the t-rex, wants to kill him so the guides kill the t-rex by shooting it in the eye. eckels also steps off the path and he might change history. Mr.Travis is very furious at him for steppign off the path even though he was told not to do so and he threatens him by saying he will kill him.
  • Returning home

    The people that went on the trip to back in time return home but they notice that some things are different. They noticed that Eckels had came home with a dead butterfly and that changed things in the future. Mr. Keith was no longer the president, Deutscher was.
  • Mr.Travis kills..

    Mr.Travis shoots Eckels for doing what he was told not to do and once he shot him the sound of thunder was heard.