A sample timeline showing how the plan works

  • Period: to

    Sample volunteer cycle

    Demonstrates the basic operation of the program over a 60-day cycle, using a tentative date for the Jogathon (only) and three RAAPO meetings.
  • Sept. RAAPO mtg.

  • Begin request for volunteers

    Volunteers can commit to shifts
  • Deadline: Volunteer applications

    After this point, no more volunteer applications are accepted. This will allow for proper accounting and collaboration with volunteers. Moving this deadline has to be done publicly and with a lot of notice, to prevent any perceived or actual impropriety. Of course, some volunteers will withdraw after this point, but that can be accommodated by using the first-come, first-serve wait list pool.
  • First event

  • Oct. RAAPO mtg.

    Follow-up after event and ratification of share issuance to volunteers.
  • Shares issued

    Shares may actually be issued at the meeting but are not valid until the day following the meeting. This will allow for time to record any changes made at the RAAPO meeting. The shares issued at a meeting cannot be used in that same meeting--that's just too much hassle and can lead to issues with tracking and accountability.
  • Share redemption notice

    Notice of an opportunity to redeem shares for the programs RAAPO has agreed to support is published two weeks prior to the next RAAPO meeting. Deadline for using shares is the day prior to the meeting, as disbursement is ratified in that meeting.
  • Share redemption deadline

    Shareholders will turn in shares for programs they want funded, on behalf of the student(s) they designated. This deadline is in anticipation of the next RAAPO meeting, and might not be as close to the meeting date as it is here in this example. This deadline is publicly announced and widely disseminated.
  • Nov. RAAPO mtg.

    At this meeting, disbursement of shares is voted upon; afterward, the treasurer will write checks for each of the programs receiving disbursements.