A Midsummer nights dream

Timeline created by R-Dub
  • Praticing the play

    Praticing the play
    All the actors meet up in the forest and start practicing the play to impress there audience.
  • The lion

    The lion
    Bottom decides to tell the audience that the lion will not kill anyone because it is not real. so the men and women watching the play dont get scared.
  • The donkey head

    The donkey head
    Puck gives Bottom a donkey head.
  • Titania's strange lover.

    Titania's strange lover.
    When Titania wakes up from her deep sleep she surprisingly falls inlove with bottom and his donkey head.
  • Puck's Mistake

    Puck's Mistake
    Puck realizes he put the love potion on the wrong eyes. "O Bottom they artchanged what do see on thee"
  • Oberon's big plan

    Oberon's big plan
    Oberon puts the love potion in Demetrius's eyes so he will fall inlove with his follower, Helena. "I wonder if Titania be awaked, then what it was that next came in her ere, which she must dote on in extermity." (III. ii.1)
  • Helena and the guys

    Helena and the guys
    Helena believes both men are mocking her when they say they love her.
  • Lysander's hate

    Lysander's hate
    Hermia is extremly surprised and upset when Lysander says he hates her because they both loved eachother so much.
  • Hermia mocking Helena

    Hermia mocking Helena
    Helena now belives even her friend Hermia is mocking her or making fun of her along with the guys.
  • Hermia loses her lover

    Hermia loses her lover
    Hermia continues to be convinced that Lysander has truly broken up with her
  • Hermia & Helena begin to fight

    Hermia & Helena begin to fight
    Helena over reacts and begins to fight with Hermia.
  • Lysander and Demetrius begin to fight

    Lysander and Demetrius begin to fight
    Lysander and Demetrius begin to fight now to settle their differences. Demtrius says, "You spend your passion on a misprised mood. I am not guilty of Lysanders blood, nor is he dead, for aught that i can tell." (III.ii.74)
  • Puck stops the fight

    Puck stops the fight
    Puck is to ensure that the men avoid eachother and stop fighting.
  • Oberon reversing the spell

    Oberon reversing the spell
    oberon realizes that his mistake must be fixed, so he is going to take the child while Titania is distracted then reverse the spell he put on her.
  • Puck restores there love

    Puck restores there love
    At the end of the act, Puck puts the anti love potion on Lysanders do restore the couples love for eachother.