A Long Walk to Water: Plot Timeline

Timeline created by brodie919
  • Southern Sudan, Salva

    Salva was at school when they heard gun shots. Then they all ducked and looked around.the teacher looked out the window and saw everyone running. the teacher told the kids to run to the bush.they kept on running.
  • Salva

    salva meets a group of people from his vilage and they stayed in a barn at night and e wakes up to being by himself
  • salva

    salva was scared of the lions and he gathered up cut stalks and took them to the boat builders
  • Rochester, new york

    His cousin fund his dad. He got a email from his cousin.
  • Southern Sudan, Nya

    Nya is 11 years old.
    She is going on a journey that will take her all morning.
    It is hot.
  • Southern Sudan., Nya

    nya was sitting on a contaner. a big thorn broke off in the middle of her heel. she took aother thorn and picked it out. she pressured her lips against the pain.
  • nya

    she was at the water, the water she drank was muddy
  • nya

    her mom hated the camp and had to sleep in the make shift shelter. they could not bring most of their stuff, and they had to dig for water.
  • nya

    Nya sister was sick because they drank dirty water. she had cramps,stomachache, diarrrhea.
  • nya

    Nya had to leave camp again. A jeep pulled and two men popped out of the jeep.the chief had come to greet the visitors.
  • nya

    nya thought is was funny that you had to find water. the crew to the pond and back severl times.the drilling crew was discouraged from all the leaks.the drilling went on.
  • nya

    Nya`s home was filled with the sound of the drill the workersn were exited and they were moving quickly as their leader called out orders.everyone cheered at the sight of the water.a women in the croud started singig a celibration song.
  • nya

    the water that sprayed out of the borehole was brown and muddy. the water was muddy because it was mixed with the old water.