A long walk to water

Timeline created by caixukate.18
  • Salva's School

    Salva's School
    " the noise had come from outside. Was it a gunshot? o r just a car backfiring?
  • Abandoned

    "Nothing. They had left him. He was alone."
  • Barn

    " Salva stayed in the woman's barn again that night."
  • Uncle

    " Uncle!" he cried out, and ran out to the man's arm. "
  • Goodbye Uncle

    Goodbye Uncle
    “ As Salva watched, one of the mean aimed his gun at Uncle.”
  • No more home

    No more home
    "they are going to close the camp. Everyone will have to leave “
  • America

    "Rochester, New York. Salva was going to New York. He was going to America!"
  • Father!

    "I am your son. I am Salva"
  • Project Impossible

    Project Impossible
    "I am here to talk to you about a project for Southern Sudan"
  • Well

    “this is the spot, halfway between the two largest trees. We will find water there.”
  • Sick

    “She has a very bad stomachache, diarrhea, and fever. Nya knows this illness happens to many people. “
  • Nya

    “ I am happy to meet you, Nya, “ he said “ My name is Salva. “
  • School

    “ Her mouth opened, but no words came out. When at last she able to speak, it was only a whisper . “ all the children, Papa? The girls too?”
  • Fresh water

    Fresh water
    “ the water was delicious. It wasn’t warm or muddy, like the water from the pond. It was cool and clear. “
  • Salva

    "I am happy to meet you, Nya, “ he said “ My name is Salva. “