A Timeline of Groomer's Choice

  • A New Beginning

    A New Beginning
    Founder & CEO Dan Dressen starts Groomer's Choice in the garage of his Sioux Falls, South Dakota home.
  • Groomer's Choice Goes Digital

    Groomer's Choice Goes Digital
    The Groomer's Choice website officially launches.
  • First Catalog Goes to Print

    First Catalog Goes to Print
    The first multi-page catalog is released in the form of a spiral bound booklet.
  • Ecommerce Functionality Added to Website

    Ecommerce Functionality Added to Website
    Groomer's Choice enters the lucrative new world of ecommerce by implementing a shopping cart on the website.
  • Senproco, Inc. Joins the Family

    Senproco, Inc. Joins the Family
    Groomer's Choice acquires Senproco, Inc., a Durango, Colorado-based company that manufactured The Coat Handler.
  • Moving On Up

    Moving On Up
    Groomer's Choice moves out of the garage into its very first warehouse location in Sioux Falls.
  • Bark2Basics Introduced

    Bark2Basics Introduced
    Bark2Basics, a new naturally derived coat care line with multiple varieties, is born.
  • EZ Care Apparel Introduced

    EZ Care Apparel Introduced
    Groomer's Choice creates a new house brand of affordable grooming apparel and adds EZ Care to the catalog.
  • BathMaster Introduced

    BathMaster Introduced
    Groomer's Choice develops the BathMaster Bathing System, consisting of a two product and a four product iteration.
  • Florida Warehouse Added

    Florida Warehouse Added
    The first Florida warehouse location is opened in North Port, Fla.
  • Green Groom Line Introduced

    Green Groom Line Introduced
    A new "Naturally Different" coat care line, Green Groom, is added to the catalog.
  • Las Vegas Location Added

    Las Vegas Location Added
    The first warehouse location in Las Vegas, N.V. is added, resulting in another 5,000 sq ft for warehouse space.
  • Philadelphia Location Added

    Philadelphia Location Added
    The Philadelphia warehouse is now operational, adding another 10,000 sq ft of warehouse space.
  • Going Big in Vegas

    Going Big in Vegas
    The Las Vegas warehouse moves to a new 7,500 sq ft location (current location as of 2021)
  • Dura Dog Line Added

    Dura Dog Line Added
    Groomer's Choice launches the Dura Dog equipment line, expanding house brand offerings to tubs, tables, and more.
  • Sioux Falls, Relocated

    Sioux Falls, Relocated
    Groomer's Choice headquarters move into the current location in Sioux Falls and expands manufacturing abilities.
  • Petology Added to the Family

    Petology Added to the Family
    Groomer's Choice acquires Petology, a sulfate-free, naturally derived coat care company based in Florida
  • Another Expansion

    Another Expansion
    Groomer's Choice expands to a total of 125,000 sq ft at its Sioux Falls headquarters to allow more manufacturing & fulfillment space.