A History of Energy

By Kr.m.h.
  • First Steam Engine

    First Steam Engine
    Thomas Savery patened the first steam engine. This device was invented to rid of unwanted water in the way of mining.
  • Internal Combustion Engine Invented

    Internal Combustion Engine Invented
    Rudolf Diesel invented the first internal combustion engine. However the first successful model was invented in 1897.This proved that fuel could be ignited without a spark.
  • Patent for First Hydroelectric Wheel

    Patent for First Hydroelectric Wheel
    Lester Allan Pelton recieves patent for his invention of the first hydroelectric wheel. Pelton's wheel was over 90 percent proficient.
  • Ocean Thermal Energy Converson

    Ocean Thermal Energy Converson
    Jacques D'Arsonval invented the idea of using the difference of the ocean's temperature for energy. There three different ways OTEC works: hybrid, open cycle, and closed cycle.
  • Peanut Oil Powers Engine

    Peanut Oil Powers Engine
    Rudolf Diesel ran his compression ignition engine on peanut biodiesel. This became the first time any engine was powered by peanuts./http://www.energyquest.ca.gov/story/chapter14.html
  • Model T Car Runs On Ethanol

    Model T Car Runs On Ethanol
    Henery Ford invents the Model T which is capable of running on Ethanol alone.
  • Piolit Flies Faster Then the Speed of Sound

    Piolit Flies Faster Then the Speed of Sound
    Charles E. while flying in Yeager's Bell X-1-1 flew faster then the speed of sound with a ethanol, liquid oxygen, and nitogen powered engine.
  • First Solar Powered Automible

    First Solar Powered Automible
    Willam demonstrates the world's first solar powered automobile. It was refered to by him as the "Sunmobile"
  • Earth Day Observed

    Earth Day Observed
    This day marks the first Earth Day started by Gaylord Nelson. Nelson started becomming concerned about the Environment not being in politics and decided to change it.
  • NuSTAR: First Hard X-Ray Teloscope in Space

    NuSTAR: First Hard X-Ray Teloscope in Space
    Nitrogen powered NuSTAR will allow scientists to answer questions that low X-ray teloscopes can not answer: How are black holes distributed through out the cosmos? How are heavy elements involed with the explosion of massive stars? And others.