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A Day in the Life of Lakeside Field

  • The sun comes up

    The sun comes up
    The sun rises over Lakeside Field on May 15th at 5:29 a.m.
  • Varsity lacrosse practices at Lakeside Field

    Six-time national champions women's lacrosse team practices on Lakeside Field every day at 2:15 p.m. Lakeside field hosts many wildcat lacrosse games, as well as varsity soccer games.
  • Students play pickup games at Lakeside Field

    Lakeside Field is not only for varsity athletes. All students on campus, staff and community members can use the field to play a variety of pickup sports.
  • Club ultimate frisbee team practices at Lakeside Field

    Once spring hits, the ultimate frisbee teams to takes Lakeside Field three nights a week to practice for future tournaments. Ultimate frisbee players love using Lakeside Field because of the weather elements it provides.
  • Sunset at Lakeside Field

    At 8:04 p.m. the sun sets over Lakeside Field.