Capri-Sun evolution

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In History
  • Capri-Sonne

    Capri-Sun is born under its former name Capri-Sonne! For the very first time, a beverage in a stand-up pouch is sold in Germany. The first flavours are lemon and orange.
  • The first ten-count carrier boxes

    The first ten-count carrier boxes
    Capri-Sun becomes popular. Families now want a supply of Capri-Sun at home. The first ten-count carrier boxes in modern plastic are introduced to the market.
  • Sports hydration

    Sports hydration
    The legendary TV spots with the King of Boxing, Muhammad Ali, are the cornerstone of Capri-Sun’s new international success.
  • Now in Africa and Asia

    Now in Africa and Asia
    Since 1980, Capri-Sun has been available in Nigeria as well with the distinctive straw-pouch design.
  • Best product of the U.S.

    Best product of the U.S.
    Capri-Sun is acclaimed for the best new product launch in the United States. The drink pouch is awarded the coveted US medal for Packaging of the Year.
  • In Europe

    In Europe
    Small, but market leader in Europe
    Capri-Sun becomes the European market leader
  • Market leader in the U.S.

    Market leader in the U.S.
    Just two years after ascending to market leader in Europe, Capri-Sun, with its flexible packaging and delicious fruity content, becomes the market leader in the USA as well.
  • A world record

    A world record
    In 2004, we broke our own world record. For the first time, over five bilions drink pouches are sold worldwide.
  • New flavors and presentation

    New flavors and presentation
    Capri-Sun grows up: the flavours Orange-Peach and Wild Berries are introduced to the European market. In a pouch with a new size and a convenient new feature: the reclosable twist-off cap.
  • Into outer space

    Into outer space
    The European Space Agency (ESA) develops the Capri-Sun pouch further for the use of the astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS). If that isn’t cool …
  • In 119 countries

    In 119 countries
    Capri-Sun is now enjoyed in 119 countries by young and old adventurers alike. Wherever the Capri-Sun shines fun is right there. In 2014, our fans all over the world drank pouches of Capri-Sun!