A Brief History In Language Teaching

  • Grammar Translation Method

    Grammar Translation Method
    Grammar Translation is a way of studying a language that approaches the language first through detailed analysis of its grammar rules, followed by application of this knowledge to the task of translating sentences and texts into and out of the target language.
  • Language teaching innovations in the 19th century

    Increased opportunities for communication among Europeans created a demand for oral proficiency in foreign languages. This made, alongside other factors, question the Grammar Translation Method and offered alternatives. Most of them didn't stand out, but the Gouin "series" did. Gouin’s emphasis on the need to present new teaching items made their meaning clear, for example, using regular life situations to explain and teach oral language.
  • The Reform Movement

    The Reform Movement
    Several linguists in France began to provide the intellectual leadership needed to give reformist ideas greater credibility and acceptance. The main trope was the sounds of language rather than the writting itself. The International Phonetics Association (IPA) was created to make the sounds of any language be correctly transcribed accurately.
  • The Direct Method

    The Direct Method
    Gouin was the only one who made a methodology based on children language teaching, thus made most teachers try and approach a more natural way of teaching. The Direct Method is the most known teaching method in the world, and its used in most schools. This method had some drawbacks back in the day, because it depends on the teacher's fluidity and comprehension of the language rather than the explanation of a book. This stopped being a problem however and every teacher uses it nowadays.
  • The Methods Era

    The Methods Era
    The Direct Method was so impactful that made a mark on the term "Method", that more methods were born up until this day. The most notable ones that surged after the Direct Method were the Audiolingual Method and the Situational Method, which were both superseded by the Communicative Approach.
  • Thanks for Watching!

    Thanks for Watching!
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