• Jan 1, 1535


    The Spanish conquistadors colonize the area of Venezuela after Christopher Columbus landed there in 1498
  • venezuela 1700's

    Spain combined Venezuela with neighboring territories into one large colony called the Viceroyalty of New Granada
    The Viceroyalty of New Granada consisted of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama
  • venezuela 1800's

    Venezuela was torn by civil war
  • venezuela

    Overthrow of the king of Spain by Napoleon
  • venezuela

    Spain sent troops to South America to quell the uprising of the colonists. Simon Bolivar established Gran Colombia and became the first president
  • venezuela

    Spain recognized Venezuela's independence after Simon Bolivar won a major victory against Spanish troops at Carabobo
  • venezuela

    Ecuador and Venezuela left Gran Colombia to became totally independent
  • venezuela 1870-1888

    Guzman Blanco ruled Venezuela bringing the civil wars to an end
  • venezuela

    Hugo Chavez is elected president
  • venezuela

    Venezuela adopted its current constitution