Real Food Coop History

  • Coop Founded

    The Syracuse Real Food Coop is founded. A group of families and designated someone to get produced amonst the group. People wanted to be able to control price/quality of food and to get away from the “war based economy."
  • Coop Moves to Current Location

    Coop moves out of resident garages and the old Westcott Café to current location.
  • Coop opens to public

    Store becames open to the public and operated much more like a grocery store. Eventually 62% of sales are to memebers, and which amounts to almost 3,000 residents.
  • Coop Plans to Expand

    With sales declining, store decides to persue expansion project.
  • Store sets expansion plans

    With sales starting to increase, the store feels as if it has the momentum to pull off the move and starts planning.
  • Coop Conducts market study

    After conducting a market study the co-op figures the location on E. Genesse Street met most of its criteria.
  • Original Date for Breaking Ground

    This is when the Coop planned to start construction for the new location on E. Genesse Street, before the process got delayed.
  • Plan Rejected

    Expansion plans are voted down 6-1 by the Syracuse Zoning Commission.
  • When Coop plans final move

    This is the latest date the Coop plans to find a new location for moving.
  • Final Relocation Target

    This is when the Coop plans to be situated in a new location.