Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander

  • Our time

    Our time
    Jason discovers that his cat, Gareth, cannot only talk, but time travel, too. Jason asks Gareth to take him with him. Gareth warns Jason that he has to stay with Gareth, or Jason will be trapped in that time period forever.
  • Egypt - 2700 BC

    Egypt - 2700 BC
    Their first stop is Egypt. This ancient culture worships the god Ubaste – the goddess of Sun and Moon who has a cat shape. While they are there, they solve the problem of the young king Neter-Khet. He doesn’t understand the nature of cats, but Jason is able to explain to him that you can’t make a cat do what you want.
  • Rome 55 B.C.

    Rome 55 B.C.
    Next they go to Rome. Roman soldiers chase them, just so Gareth can be the army mascot. They have to travel by boat and foot. They think that cats are symbols of war and cats even protect the army.
  • Britian 55 B.C.

    Britian 55 B.C.
    Jason is caught in the enemies. Gareth is not with him. They want to burn him in a basket. Then the Chief Cerdic Longtooth’s wife appeared and said that they where going to keep Jason. He is saved, just because he is a boy. After awhile they find Gareth in their hut. They are afraid of Gareth because the cats in their area are wild. Gareth brings in a stray cat, who has kittens after some time. The family keeps them because the cats kill the mice and rats.
  • Ireland 411 A.D.

    Ireland 411 A.D.
    Gareth takes Jason to Ireland. Where they meet a girl named Diahan. Her father was the king. Her father was having trouble with his magician. The magician thinks the rats and snakes are ghosts. They meet a person who helps them out of Ireland. His name is Sucat who is (in the end) St. Patrick. The magician wanted to send Jason and Gareth after the rats and snakes as ghosts. Then they are chased out of Ireland.
  • Japan 998 A.D.

    Japan 998 A.D.
    Emperor Ichigo was under his Uncle Fujiwara’s orders and his uncle did not like kittens. Emperor Ichigo loved his kittens so much that he made Jason the Master of Imperial Cats. Jason and Gareth took the kittens on special trips into the city where the mice live. Uncle Fujiwara found out and was mad. Uncle Fujiwara wanted to cut Jason’s head off. Emperor Ichigo stopped him because he knew the cats where taking care of the mice problem in the city.
  • Italy 1468

    Italy 1468
    They meet Leonardo Da Vinci as a teenager. He likes Gareth a lot. Then one day the neighbor wanted them to take a board to the city where a painter can paint on it. But Leonardo gets his father to let him paint the board. He wanted to paint Gareth when he was ready to fight. Jason tells him that he can’t do that because Gareth will not do that all the time. He uses his memory and he paints. The neighbor loved it.
  • Peru 1555

    Peru 1555
    They meet Don Diego. He is part of Spain’s soldiers who want gold for Spain. They had one of the native peoples’ cities. He wanted a cat from his mother, but he was always doing drills. When Jason and Gareth went on a walk. They where caught by the native people. When Don Diego comes to his tent and finds them missing he starts to search for them. When he gets to the native village, he tells the chief that he will give himself to them instead of the Jason and Gareth.
  • The Isle Of Man 1588

    The Isle Of Man 1588
    They go to the Isle of Man and Gareth introduced Jason to Dulcinea and her kittens. They go to the little village, where they meet Awin. Awin’s people thought cats were good luck. They where having a horrible time with their boats at sea. When her father comes, he said that the cats were adorable. He wanted the kittens to go in each boat to bring the townspeople good luck.
  • Germany 1600

    Germany 1600
    Jason and Gareth meet Mistress Ursulina who has lost her tabby cat to the witch hunters. Then Master Spekfresser shows up and wanted to put them all in jail. She helps Jason and Gareth get out of the village, but she ends up in jail for a little while. Jason and Gareth meet Master Johannes who helps hide them. Then Jason and Gareth put Master Spekfresser in jail because he was the one doing witchcraft. The court wanted to burn them all, but they escaped.
  • America 1775

    America 1775
    Jason and Gareth meet Professor Peter Perseverance Parker who has kittens. They go to all the houses they pass trying to sell the kittens. This is the time of the British Red Coats during the Revolutionary War. When they get to outside a town, Professor Peter Perseverance Parker sees the British coming and tells Jason to take his horse to town to tell the people. When they have told all the people in town, Gareth said it was time to go home. He tells Jason he will not be able to talk anymore.
  • The Return

    When they return, Jason’s mother was calling for Jason. Gareth winked at him. Then they ran down stairs.