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Joe Paterno

By nicjoh3
  • Birth

    Joseph Vincent Paterno was born Dec. 27, 1926 in Brooklyn New York.
  • Period: to

    Joe Paterno

  • Playing Days

    Paterno graduated from Brooklyn Preparatory School and attended Brown University. He played Quarterback and Cornerback and is still tied for most interceptions with 14.
  • Start of Career

    He graduated college and was hired as an assistant coach at Penn State UNiversity, where is former college coach was now the head coach.
  • First Championship

    He one his first championship as head coach at Penn State.
  • "Sportsman of the year"

    After the 1986 Championship season, Coach Paterno became the first college coach to be named S "Sportsman of the year".
  • Hall of Fame

    Joe Paterno was elected into the college football Hall Of Fame. It ws right after tehy changed the rules and allowed any coach over the age of 75 to be elligable instead of waiting until they retired.
  • Sets Record

    He set the record for most bowl wins by any head coach in history with 24. His latest one was the 2010 Capital One Bowl