• Birthday

    Mike Ditka was born
  • College

    He played football for the University of Pittsburgh
  • College

    He was done playing football for the University of Pittsburgh after 3 years
  • Joined the NFL

    He was drafted by the Bears.
  • Rookie of the year

    His first year playing in the Nfl with the Bears awarded him with a Rookie of the year award too
  • Philadelphia Eagles

    After 5 years with the Bears he was drafted to the Philadelphia Eagles where he played for 2 years
  • Dallas Cowboys

    He was drafted to the Dallas Cowboys
  • Retired

    After the 1972 season with the Cowboys he retired
  • Head Coaching

    He was made Head Coach of the Bears
  • Nfl Coach of the year

    He was awarded coach of the year in 1985 and 1988
  • Hall of Fame for college

    He was enshrined in the Hall of Fame for College
  • Ditka Fired

    After going a 5-11 season the bears fired Ditka
  • Ditka goes to Saints

    He is head Coach of the saints which he called the worst three years of his life