Amur Leopard

  • Monitoring Begins

    Monitoring Begins
    Russian scientists start to monitor the population size.
  • First Reliable Population Estimate

    First Reliable Population Estimate
    The estimate was made based on snow track counts in the winter in Russia by Dimitry Pikunov and Vladimir Abramov.
  • Inspection Tiger

    Inspection Tiger
    Stever Galster, a U.S. citizen, visited Russia to document the illegal wildlife trade going on. He initiated the establishment of "Inspection Tiger" , a government anti-poaching brigade to protect the Amur Tiger, initially no team was active for the Amur Leopard.
  • WCS

    WCS studued 5 radio collared leopards in Kedrovaya Pad, a small reserve in SW Primorye.
  • Snow Track Counts

    Snow Track Counts
    The WCS, WWF, and Russian Scientists carried out seven snow track counts in SW Primorye resulting in population estimates varrying between 22 and 50.
  • First International Amur Leopard Conference

    First International Amur Leopard Conference
    The USAID, WCS, and WWF organized the first international amur leopard conference. It led to the outlines of a conservation strategy.
  • Steve Galster

    Steve Galster
    Stever Galster established the Bladivostok based NGO Pheonix fund to impliment STSC education and anti-poaching projects.
  • Tigris Foundation

    Tigris Foundation
    Tigris foundation initiates and finances a four member anti-poaching team. It operates exclusively in leopard range, it is the first leopard conservation project financed by Westen NGO. This team has become on eof the most successful in this part of Russia and is still active today.
  • Russian Federal Strategy

    Russian Federal Strategy
    A Russian federal strategy for Amur Leopard conservation is produced, but not officially adopted by the federal government.
  • ALTA Formed

    ALTA Formed
    ALTA (Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance) is formed from STSC to reflect the growing involvement in Amur Leopard conservation.
  • New Projects

    New Projects
    The Tigris Foundation and Pheonix fund start a numbe rof new Amur Leopard conservation projects in SW Primorye including fierfighting, compensaion for livestock kills and education projects.
  • 2nd International Amur Leopard Conference

    2nd International Amur Leopard Conference
    The 2nd International Amur Leopard Conference in Vladivostok is organized by WCS and Pheonix and results in a conservation strategy and a consensus among experts that reintroduction of leopards from zoo stocks is desireable.
  • Neshinoy Hunting Lease

    Neshinoy Hunting Lease
    The WCS includes Neshinov Hunting lease as one of its model leases to improve conditions for prey and leopards outside protected areas of SW Primorye.
  • Campaign Against Oil Terminal

    Campaign Against Oil Terminal
    ALTA and ZSL and Pheonix Fund lead an international campaign against a plan to build an oil terminal and refinary plant in the Amur Leopards range.
  • New Population Estimate

    New Population Estimate
    WWF and ISUNR started a camera trap work, establishing the population at 30-35 individuals based on snow track and camera trap counts.
  • Amur Leopard Wildlife Help Project

    Amur Leopard Wildlife Help Project
    The ZSL, WCS, and Moscow Zoo start the Amur Leopard Wildlife Help Project, the orojects include survey of disease prevalence and their prey and training veterinarians.
  • Educator Tool KIt

    Educator Tool KIt
    Pheonix Fund and Primorsky institute published an educators tool kit consisting of 30 lessons on conservation of Amur Leopards and their habitat.
  • Reintroduction Plan

    Reintroduction Plan
    The Amur Leopard meeting was held in Vladivostok where the reintroduction plan was presented.