Mike Ditka

  • Birth

    Mike Ditka was born on October 8th, 1938.
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    Mike Ditka's Lifeline

  • NFL Draft 1961

    Mike Ditka was drafted fifth overall in the first round by the Chicago Bears in the 1961 NFL Draft.
  • Rookie Of The Year

    Mike Ditka is chosen as rookie of the year in 1961.
  • Traded to the Eagles

    Mike Ditka is traded to the Philadelphia Eagles!
  • Traded to the Cowboys

    Mike Ditka is traded form the Philadelphia Eagles to the Dallas Cowboys!
  • Changing Roles

    Mike Ditka retires from the Dallas Cowboys and is then hred as assstant coach for the Cowboys!
  • Super Bowl Victory

    Mike Ditka wins his first Super Bowl as Assistant Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Head Coach of the Chicago Bears

    Mike Ditka is brought to Chicago to be the head coach of the Bears.
  • Super Bowl Victory

    Mike Ditka leads the Chicago Bears to victory, and win the Super Bowl!
  • Coach of the Year

    Mike Ditka is voted as Coach of the Year!
  • Hall Of Fame

    Mike Ditka with his incredible statistics, is welcomed into the Hall Of Fame!
  • Coach of the Year

    Mike Ditka is voted as Coach of the Year again.
  • FIRED!

    After a 5-11 season with the Bears, he was fired.
  • Coaching Once Again

    The New Orlean Saints hire Mike Ditka as head coach.
  • Fired, Again!

    With a 3-13 season, Mike Ditka is fired as head coach of the New Orleans Saints.