Titanic by Aaron Shah

  • Keel Laid

    Keel Laid
    Titanic's keel laid at Harvard and Wolff ship yard!!
  • Launched

    Titanic is launched!!
  • Maiden Voyage

    Originally proposed date for Maiden Voyage!!
  • Off to South Hampton

    Titanic leaves Belfast for South Hampton!!
  • Arrives in South Hampton

    Titanic arrives in South Hampton!!
  • Good Friday

    Good Friday: Titanic is "overall"
  • It sails

    Titanic sails!!
  • Arrives at Queenstown

    Titanic arrives at Queenstown!!
  • The "LAST TIME"

    Titanic raises anchor for the "last time" and leaves Queenstown!!
  • Sea Trial

    Sea Trial
    Titanic begins sea trial!!