the myth

  • cast off

    cast off
    the titnaic casted off
  • the nice ship

    the first class was the one hoo had the gold and nice room s with big beds and third had bunks
  • resived

    first ice warning was resived
  • fun

    every body was having fun and enjoing there self
  • the radio

    the people called the radio room and said watch for the ice bergs they didi not want to here it
  • the ice berg

    they stuck and ice berg the people in the third class did not swet it and r eating the ice
  • the finest

    the ship was not at tip top shape it was perperd to sink
  • the call for help

    the people hoo was geting redy to be saved had got froze to death
  • the on sankable

    the on sankable
    the ship sank at 2;05 some save some gone