Titanic by: Henlie Cooper

  • Titanic was approved

    Titanic was approved
    The disign for the Titanic was finally approved
  • The Titanic entered service

    The Titanic entered service
    The largest vessel in the world entered sevice
  • Set Sail

    Set Sail
    The ship set sail for the first time
  • Queenstown

    the titanic has arrived to Queenstown,Ireland
  • Ship boarding

    Ship boarding
    The passengers began boarding the Titanic
  • Southampton

    the titanic arives in southampton,england
  • Iceburg

    the titanic struck an iceburg
  • a watery grave

    a watery grave
    the titanic sunk with over a thousand people on board
  • the carpathia

    the carpathia
    the carpathia arived in new york
  • The discovery

    The discovery
    73 after the shipreck the titanic was found