A Rose For Emily

  • Emily's father died

    Emily's father died
    Emily's father died in this year.
  • Homer appears

    A guy named Homer comes to Emily's town to do some sidewalk work and they start liking each at first sight.
  • Emily buys poison

    Emily buys some arsenic that she will use later on in the story to kill Homer.
  • Homer dissapears

    Homer dissapears and isnt seen for a couple weeks.
  • Emily's cousins show up.

    Emily's cousins show up to visit her.
  • Homer goes on vacation

    Homer leaves for vacation while Emily's cousins are there.
  • Weird smell developes

    A weird and nasty smell developes around Emily's house.
  • Try to rid the smell

    Try to rid the smell
    Natural Ordor RemovalThe townspeople try to get rid of the smell by putting lime all around her house.
  • Taxes remitted

    The tax collector people try to get Emily to pay her taxes but she refuses.
  • Emily's Death

    Emily dies from old age. She was 74 at the time of her death.