The Crucible/Witchcraft

  • Apr 8, 1324

    The Beginning of Eurpopean Witchcraft

    The Beginning of Eurpopean Witchcraft
    Alice Kyteler was put on trial in Kilkenny, Ireland. She was the first case that started the European Witch hunts. She was very wealthy and inherited much of it from her four deceased husbands.
  • May 24, 1347

    Black Death

    Black Death
    The disease known as plague killed about a third of the population in Europe in three years. Some people blamd the plague on witches.
  • Dec 5, 1484

    "Witch Bull"

    "Witch Bull"
    Pope Innocent VIII made the European law. It was directed against traditional acts on witchcraft like animals, weather, and harvest magic. It was the new additions to the traditional canan of witchcraft suppression that made the "Witch Bull" a seminal law.
  • Sep 19, 1563

    Queen Elizabeth I

    Queen Elizabeth I
    Queen Elizabeth I passed a harsher witchcraft law in 1563. The punishment for witches inEngland was hanging, not burning on a stake. Death was the punishment for murder only by witchcraft.
  • A New Twist?

    A New Twist?
    King James I added a new twist concerning the laws of witchcraft. It was concerning the outlawing of pacts and the worship of the devil.
  • Witches invading Salem

    Witches invading Salem
    In Salem, Massachusetts a group of girls began to have strange behavior. When they got examined, the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with them. So the only cause was that witches had invaded Salem.
  • Salem in need of help.

    Salem in need of help.
    The village of Salem began praying and fasting to try to get rid of the devil. The girls had to reveal who was controlling their behavior, Three girls were called out. Tituba said that the devil appeared to her.
  • Its Martha Corey!

    Its Martha Corey!
    The group of girls accused Martha Corey of seeing the devil. But the community was surprised with her because she is a member of the Puritan Congregation.
  • Death is taking over the community

    Death is taking over the community
    The hangings just started. The first one to go was Bridget Bishop.
  • The end is near.

    The end is near.
    The hangings were coming to an end. Many people were morning because they have lost loved ones.
  • The killings have stopped.

    The killings have stopped.
    The covictions and condemnations for witchery were stopped. Nineteen people have been hanged, and one crushed to death by stones. About four people died in prison waiting for their trials.
  • Enlightenment

    Witchcraft in EuropeThe revolution promoted concepts such as empirical reason, skepticism, and humanitarianism. Those concepts helped end the witch hunts. There was no true evidence that witches could actually work harm. The progress required the elimination of superstitions like the belief in witches.
  • The last of them

    The last of them
    Anna Goeldi was the last western european women to be executed in Glaris, Switzerland.
  • The beginning of McCarthy's "Witch-Hunts"

    The beginning of McCarthy's "Witch-Hunts"
    McCarthy Witch Hunts The American public heard on the radio the first of what came to be known as the McCarthy "witch-hunts." Those suspected of having communist sympathies or ties were questioned.