Colorado History Timeline

By kbolton
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Ute Indians inhabit Colorado

    The Ute Indians inhabited the southern Rocky Mountains. This makes them the oldest native residence of Colorado
  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to

    Colorado History

  • Louisianna Purchase of Present-day Colorado

    Thomas Jefferson signs the Louisianna Purchase and the U.S. acquires an extremely large area of land including present-day eastern Colorado.
  • Bent's Fort is Built

    Bent's Fort, one of the most important trading posts in the west is built in present-day La Junta, Colorado.
  • Colorado's Present-Day Boundaries are set

    The Federal government purchases all of Colorado territory and Colorado's present-day boundaries are set.
  • Colorado State Population is 799,024 and there are 46,170 Farms

    The first long distance phone call is made from Denver to New York City and the first airplane flight in Denver.
  • U.S. Enters World War II

    The U.S. is involved in WWII from December 1941 until 1945.
  • Major Growths in Technological Idustries are made in Colorado

    From 1980-1990 major technological growths and advancements are made in Colorado industries.