Ocean Exploration Since The Challenger

  • Tuscarora Expeditions

    The Commander of this expedition was George Bleknap.
    The use of the Thomas Sounding Machine on a telegraph cable to survey the Pacific ocean was kmown on this expedition.
    They discovered June De Fuca Ridge, an indication of seamounts.
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    Explorations Since the Challenger

  • The Blake Expedition

    Commander: Charles D. Sigsbee
    The commander designed a sounding machie, it was used to detect sounds below the surface of the ocean
    It was located in the Gulf Of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.
    This ship was the first to be fitted with a stell rope for uses at sea.
  • The Gettyburg Expedition

    Commander- H.H. Gorringe
    The ships crew discovered the undersea mountain on the west coast of portugal.
    The crew used the Thomas Sounding Machine for deep sea sounding.
  • The Albatross Expedition

    This expedition was run on a U.S. Fisheries Commission Steamer.
    It was commanded by Alexander Agassiz
    It was one of the first government purposed research expedition
  • Submarine Signlal Cooperation

    Commander- Reginal Fessenden
    The Fessenden Oscillator was used to reflect signals off of an iceberg and off the bottom of the boat.
  • USS Stewert Expedition

    Ran by French, no specific Commander givien
    The crew used an acoustic eco sounder discovered by Harvey Hayes
  • The Guide Expedition

    This expedition was very well known due to the use of the Hayes Sounding Instrument.
  • Meteor Expedition

    German Expedition
  • Sucba Systems

    Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gaynan were crew mates of the ship and were known for perfecting the Automatic Compressed air Aqualung
  • Alvin Expedition

    Operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
    The first deep sea submarine that as able to carry passengers.