• Paiakan

    Paiakan leader of the Kayapo people of the Amazon rain forest, he had a "vision" of his special destiny.
  • Invasions

    Most other Kayapo villages in the Amazon were affected by the relentless invasions.
  • They were accused

    They were accused
    Paiaken and Posey were charged wiht breaking a Brazilian law against "foreigners" and criticizing the government.
  • Event 3

    Event 3
    Piaken organized an historic gathering in Altamira, Brazil
  • Event 5

    Event 5
    Aukre and one other Kayapo community had refused to sell their tree-cutting rights to the loggers.
  • To survive

    To survive
    Paiakan tries to maintain his traditions by creating a scientific reserve and making the transition to a modern world to survive.