Janette's Ecuador Timeline

  • 200

    Four Groups Of Indegenous People

    Four Groups Of Indegenous People
    The four indegenous people were the Esmeraldas, Mantas, Huancavilcas, and the Punas. These early tribes of Ecuador had their own languages and religions. They eventually were conquered by the Incans and they became part of the Incan empire. Many people in Ecuador today are descemdants of these indegenous peoples.
  • 500

    Vessel Whistle

    Vessel Whistle
    The whistling vessels, which are musical instruments of ancient Ecuador, were mostly used in ceremonies. They were used for contact with the spirits. The Ecuadorian people believed that the spirits spoke to the people through the whistles.
  • Jan 1, 1000


    Coastal people in Ecuador were involved in sea commerce with Peru and Columbia. They traded cotton cloth and spondylus shell which was used for wool cloth and copper. This period of time was the start of trade in Ecuador.
  • Ecuador's First Portrait

    Ecuador's First Portrait
    Andes Sanchez Gallque painted Ecudaor's first signed and dated portrait which was named "The Mulatto Gentlemen Of Esmeraldas". This painting is the oldest surviving singed and dated painting from colonial South America.
  • Battle of Pichincha

    Battle of Pichincha
    The Spanish rule in Ecuador ended after the defeat of the Spaniards in the Battle of Pichincha, which was lead by Antonio Jose de Sucre. Ecuador gained independence from Spain, and is now its own country.
  • Protestantism

    This time period was the beginning of the growth in Protestantism in Ecuador. The Protestantism priests have been able to convert a large number of indigenous people to Protestantism because the priests speak to the people in their own language.
  • Oil Production

    Oil Production
    When oil production started in Ecuador, Ecuador emerged as an important producer of oil in South America. And a year later, Ecuador became a member of OPEC, which is an organization of countries that export oil to other countries.
  • Kingdom Of Quito

    Kingdom Of Quito
    The Quitu tribe were the inhabitants of an area and eventually the area became a larger city. But then the Caras tribe invaded the area and the Quitu tribe was conquered by the Caras people. And the Caras tribe were the founders of the Quito that exists today.