Vietnam Timeline- April Cho

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    Trieu Au

    Trieu Au
    Trieu Au was brought up like a slave living with her brother and his wife. After a time of bearing her treatment, she killed her sister in law and went on to gather 1,000 men and women in order to gain independant land. She finally achieved her goal, and after succesfully keeping it free from Chinese rule for a time, was defeated in 248 AD. However, she committed suicide by jumping into a river rather than surrendering.
  • Feb 9, 1009

    Rise of Buddhism in the Ly Dynasty

    Rise of Buddhism in the Ly Dynasty
    The Ly Dynasty was established by Ly Thai Co in 1009 BC and this was when the buddhist religion really flourished. In the first centrury of the Ly Dynasty, the priority was really the prolonged war with Char and Cambodia, but peace and religion became the main focus in the second century of the dynasty. The Du Hang Pagoda was one of the many religious temples built during this period.
  • Jesuit Alexandres de Rhodes Introduces Religion and Language

    Jesuit Alexandres de Rhodes Introduces Religion and Language
    Jesuit Alexandres de Rhodes arrived at Vietnam for the first time in 1624 and departed in 1630. During this time, he created the first Roma a Latin Vietnamese catechism. This was of great importance because until then, the Vietnamese had used Chinese letters. From that point on however, the Vietnamese use Ngoc Ngu which is a Romann based script from the catechism.
  • Cochinchina Campaign

    Cochinchina Campaign
    In 1858, the French and the Spanish joined forces in order to gain control of most Indochina, which included Vietnam. The opposing side was led by Vietnamese commander Nguyen Tri Phuong. After 3 years of fighting, the Vietnamese yielded in March of 1850. After this, Rigault De Genouilly, appointed expeditioner, was approved a mission to capture Saigon. On February 17th, 1859, Genouilly successfully seized Saigon.
  • Ngo Dinh Diem, Executed

    Ngo Dinh Diem, Executed
    The main parties involved in the assasination of president Ngo Dinh Diem were the US goevernment and the leader of the coup, General Duong Van Minh. The US backed the coup d'etat which was mainly put into play because of the general dissatisfactionin Vietnam during his rule. When the rulers were not found upon charge, they promised the ruler safety. Rather, this through thier deception, the rebels ended almost a decade of rule.
  • Nguyen Van Thieu Elected

    Nguyen Van Thieu Elected
    After the closing of Ngo Dinh Diem's rule, the next president elected was Nguyen Van Thiem. Vietnam politics evolved during this presidency because he was known as a corrupt ruler. He was reelected in 1971 and due to the reputation of his corrupted government, won the running without an opposent. During his time as president, he remained allies with the US which aided in the US troops being withdrawnfrom the Southern part of Vietnam.
  • Trung Sisters Rebel Against Chinese Government

    Trung Sisters Rebel Against Chinese Government
    The Trung sisters, the daughters of an aristocrat, launched a rebellion after they realized that they were being taxed and disriminated in their own country by the Chinese. They rallied the support of 1,000 men and women and Trung Trac proclaimed herself queen. They ruled for 3 years until the Chinese regained control in 42 AD.
  • Dinh Bo Linh Seizes Power

    Dinh Bo Linh Seizes Power
    Dinh Bo Linh was born in a village and rose to become one of twelve chieftains who ruled Nam Viet in portions. In order to get to this position, he defeated 11 other leaders. Finally, in 968, he obtained power and became emperor, renaming the country Dai Co Viet. In return for being acknowledged as Dai Co Viet's ruler by China, he agreed to pay tribute every three years to them during his rule. In 979 though, he and his son were assasinated.