My timeline

By alex428
  • Birthday

    I was born in South Korean in 1995 Apr 28th
  • Kindergarden

    I was happy to play with my new friends.
  • Elementary school

    Elementary school
    I was excited to meet new friends again.
  • Moved to Canada

    Moved to Canada
    I was exciting.
  • WWE

    I am not sure t the date, but i went to Air Canada centre to see WWE. I was so happy, because that time I was so into wrestling.
  • I went back to South Korea

    I went back to South Korea
    I was happy, because I went back and met my friends.
  • Gr.8 Grad

    Gr.8 Grad
    I felt bad, because most of my friends are going to other school, but i was happy to finish grade 8.
  • First day of high school

    First day of high school
    I felt bad, because there was only five people from my old school
  • Break Dance~

    Break Dance~
    I started break dancing again, and i learned many things. I felt good to learn new moves.