a rose for emily timline

  • she met homor

    emily really liked homer
  • emily killed homor

    she fed him poison
  • the town

    the towns people didnt like how emily was talking to homor
  • the fathers death

    emily killed her father and didnt let any one burry him for a while
  • men put lime around the house for the smell

    there was a horrible smell so the men put lime around the house to get rid of it
  • china painting lessons

    china painting lessons
    when emily was 40 she got china painting lessons
  • emily

    they found out that emily was a disrupted child
  • remitted her taxes

    remitted her taxes
    a man came over to tell her that she has to start paying her taxes
  • tried to collect taxes

    they came back to collect the taxes and she will not pay
  • rip

    emily dies
  • found homors dead body

    every one found out that emily was sleeping with homors dead body for over 30 years
  • the hair of a dead man

    they found a hair of homors on emilys pillow