Tang/Song Dynasty

  • Nov 17, 627

    Tang Taizong (627-649)

    Tang Taizong (627-649)
    The second ruler of the dynasty. He was very ambitious making his way to the throne by murdering his father and his two of his brother. When he came to power at 627 CE, he brought unusual stability and prosperity to the empire as a Confucian ruler. Also he moved the capital at Chang'an
  • Nov 17, 650

    Tang Taizong's Three Policies

    Tang Taizong's Three Policies
    Transportation and Communication:
    - maintained extensive communications ( roads, horses, human runners)
    - maintained inns, postral stations, stables for rest.
    The Equal Field System:
    -ensure equal land distribution and avoid land monopolies
    Bureaucracy of Merit:
    - civil service examination
    - members from Confucian educational system
    - members won post for intellectual ability
    - survived 13 years
  • Nov 19, 1159

    Song Experiecing Weakness

    Song Experiecing Weakness
    The Song dynasty faced some weakness like the military, that bureaucrats had little military education which had the consequence of nomadic peoples and neighbor trying to invade the capital.
  • Nov 19, 1279

    Song Decline

    Song Decline
    When the capital at Kaifeng was capture, the Song dynasty moved to what is known as Souther Song at Hangzhou. Because the new capital was next to the Yellow River it was easier to enter the city by water. in 1279, the Mongols invaded and took over.
  • The Decline of the Tang

    The Decline of the Tang
    Rebellion started by An Lushan, who captured the capital Chang´an. Military captured him but the rebellions led the empire to weakend. After commanders like Huang Chao started getting authority until the emperor abdicated his trone which led to the end of the dynasty.
  • Song Taizu

    Song Taizu
    • He was honest and effective
    • Organized a centralized gov ernment
    • Civil bureaucrats ruled military forces
  • Period: to Nov 18, 1279

    The Song Dynasty

    After the Tang emperor abdicated his throne, the Song dynasty tried to maintained centralized imperial rule. The Song dynasty was filled with untrusted rulers but they had great concern of the imperial administration.
  • Period: to

    Tang Dynasty

    The Tang Dynasty was ruled by Confucian rulers. To gain power in the bureaucracy, the person need an education. Also in the dynasty they issued a system for land distribution. The Tang dynasty was known for its military dynasty and it know territorially is rank among the largest in Chinese history.