Postclassical China Dynastic Timeline

  • Nov 17, 604

    Grand Canal

    Grand Canal
    Grand Canal
    *Built by Sui Yangdi
    *Facilitated trade between North and South China
    *Supplied food
    *Integrate economies North and South, promote unity
    *Forced labor and high taxes to finance
  • Nov 17, 604

    Sui Yangdi (Second Emperor)

    Sui Yangdi (Second Emperor)
    Comparing Sui Yangdi with Qin Shi Huangdi and Han Wudi
    *Built Grand Canal
    *Imposed High taxes
    *Military expeditions to Korea to conquer
    *Forced labor for building projects
  • Period: Nov 17, 604 to

    Sui Yangdi

  • Nov 17, 610

    Rebellions in Sui Dynasty

    Rebellions in Sui Dynasty
    *Revolts by laborers against high taxes and forced labor
    *Military reverses in Korea
    *618 minister assassinated emperor
  • Nov 17, 627

    Tang Taizong (Second Emperor)

    Tang Taizong (Second Emperor)
    Tang Taizong
    *Most successful Tang emperor
    *ambitious, ruthless, murder brother & father to get throne
    *Confucian ruler, rule on Confucian values
    *political stability: no banditry
    *low tax levied but required labor and rent
    *communication network roads, horses, inns, postal station, stables
    *equal field distribution: redistribute land equally
    *bureaucracy of merit
    *bureaucracy of merit; civil service exams
  • Period: Nov 17, 627 to

    Tang Taizong

  • Nov 18, 755

    An Lushan Rebellion

    An Lushan Rebellion
    An Lushan Rebellion
    *Emperor neglect public affairs, favor music and concubine
    *An Lushan, military general, mount rebellion & capture capital Chang'an and Luoyang
  • Nov 18, 757

    End Of Rebellion

    End Of Rebellion
    An Lushan
    757, a soldier of An Lushan murdered him
    *763 Tang army retake capitals
    *Rebellion left in weakened state
    *Invite nomad Uighurs oust An Lushan, right to sack cities in return
  • Nov 19, 1100

    Jurchen Conquer Song

    Jurchen Conquer Song
    Jin Empire of Jurchen
    *During early 12th century, Jurchen nomad conquer northern China, seize capital Kaifeng, establish Jin empire
    *Song move capital south to Hangzhou, survive only in southern China
  • Nov 19, 1279

    End of Song Dynasty

    End of Song Dynasty
    Fall of the Song Dynasty
    *1279 Mongol forces (Jin Empire) end dynsasty, conquer
    *Incorporate southern China to Jin empire
  • Yang Jian (First Emperor)

    Yang Jian (First Emperor)
    *Strong central gov't
    *Built walls Walls of Sui Dynasty
    *Imposed Taxes and demanded labor
    *Dispatch military to Korea and Central Asia, conquest
  • Li Yuan (First Emperor)

    Li Yuan (First Emperor)
    Li Yuan
    *Rebel leader
    *Seize Chang' an capital
    *Proclaim emperor of Tang Dynasty
  • Military Conquests of the Tang Dynasty

    Military Conquests of the Tang Dynasty
    Military Power Tang Dynasty
    During the reign of Taizong, the Tang Empire expanded greatly.
    They conquered:
    *Silla kingdom of Korea
    *North Vietnam
    *Plateau of Tibet
    *Extended to Aral Sea
  • Huang Chao Rebellion

    Huang Chao Rebellion
    Huang Chao Rebellion
    *Huang Chao military commander
    *Take contorl of most eastern China for a decade
    *Loot from wealthy and give to poor
    *Force Tang to put rule on regional generals to control
  • Song Taizu (First Emperor)

    Song Taizu (First Emperor)
    Emperor Song Taizu
    *Began as officer, reputation for honesty and effectiveness, trroops proclaim him emperor
    *conquer other warlords, unify China
    *State officials are slaves to empire, exchange for good rewards
    *Expand bureaucracy accept more candidate
    *Civil service exams
    *bureaucrats in charge of military
    *high reward for vast bureaucracy waste resources, raise tax
    *bureaucrat no experience in military, bad defense
  • Period: to

    Tang Dynasty

    Tang Dynasty
    The Tang Dynasty began with a rebel leader that claimed the throne. During the dynasty, the emperors redistributed the land equally, established a bureaucracy based on merit, expanded by military expeditions, and engaged in diplomatic relations with neighbors. The Tang Dynasty declined due to careless rulers and ambitious generals that struggled for power.
  • Period: to Nov 17, 604

    Yang Jian

  • Period: to Nov 17, 627

    Li Yuan First Emperor

  • Period: to

    Song Taizu

  • Period: to Nov 18, 1279

    Song Dynasty

    Song Dynasty
    Song Taizu, first emperor, leader of warlord troops, conquer other regional warlords. The dynasty had weakensses in its central government that brought down their economy and led to their fall in 1279. However, it made various agricultural technological advances and urbanization took place.
  • Period: to

    Sui Dynasty

    Sui Dynasty
    The Sui Dynasty began when Yang Jian, the first emperor, rose to power by claiming the Mandate of Heaven from a 7 year old heir of the throne. During the rule of the Sui Dynasty, construction projects such as the Grand Canal were completed to facilitate trading and communication. Also, military expeditions took place to expand the empire. In the end, the empire collapsed from rebellion caused by high taxes.