the effects of revolutionary ideas and historic events on liberalism

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    anceint greek democracy

    anceint greek democracy
    Anceint greek democracy was the first most succsessfull democracy other countries tried this idea but none other were as strong or as organized and instead of voting for certain representitives they voted for actual parties or groups this was called direct democracy and its ideas were that only adult males that have done their military training were allowed to vote
  • Period: 503 to

    the timespan of revolutionary ideas and democracy

    it started in 503 bc with the athenian democracy and the timeline ends in the 19th century with changes to class system and industrial revolution
  • Jan 1, 1215

    Manga Carta

    Manga Carta
    this was a charter as shown on the left with the picture it was made in the 13th century and it is still incorperated in today. the main idea of this charter was that the people could not be sentenced to and punishment by the king and that they all had to still be ruled and judged by the rule of the land. this was in oppisition of total power with the king and that his powers in specific areas would be limited.
  • Jan 1, 1300

    renaissance begining

    renaissance begining
    the renaissance was a period of time that streched from the 14th century untill the seventeenth century its was a time like the enlightenment where people were getting smarter they were starting to provide educational reform on arts and other educational ideas such as the high renaissance art that is the statue of david the picture represented as the profile picture. the educational reform that was in this period had made it the doorway from the middle ages into the mordren ages.
  • Jan 1, 1400

    haudenosaunee (Iroquis) confederacy

    haudenosaunee (Iroquis) confederacy
    the haudenosaunee confederacy is a group of native americans of six different cultures they are still present in todays society their purpose is to keep cultural diversity and promote diversity and safety of their culture they have choices in grand council today and very inspirational towards first nations independence and rights and freedoms
  • Jan 1, 1500

    renaissance ending

    this was the end of the time period for the renaissance
  • reformation ending

  • age of enlightenment

    age of enlightenment
    this was a time in the 18th century when people were getting smarter they were having educational reform in the 1700s this was developing in france which lead to the french revolution it was happening in germany netherlands spain italy and american colonies and other countries it lead to inproved or the creation of goverment and many fights to remove dominion such as americans fighting to become there own country instead of a dominian its purpose was to think more scientifically
  • industrial revolution

    industrial revolution
    the industrial revolution was in the 18th century and untill the 19th however many new developing countries had to go through this during other times russia had been trying to become more mechanized to keep up with everyone it had changed everything we do everyday its changed culture completely in had major changes in agriculture and manufacturing
  • american revolution

    american revolution
    the american revolution in 1776 is the time period when the decloration of idependence was written and this was a direct result of the age of enlightenment as shown on the right it was the signing of the decloration of independence or when americans had won their freedom and stopped being a colony of another country its affected todays feel to be able to question their goverment and lower the old idea of countries and imperialism and sphere of influence
  • French revolution

    French revolution
    the picture on the right is the storming of the bastille it was a prision that was holding very little prisioners but it was more of a symbolic victory it was the idea of Marxism that said the only way to change is through revolution the enlightenment period directally affected this affects are society today because people can remember and feel assured that the choices of the country still lay with all citizens its affected all are righs and freedoms
  • changes to class system in the 19th century

    in the eighteen hundreds it was after all of the other things like the age of enlightenment and many revolutions to make people more free and remove more class definition this is still affecting todays society with the decloration of independence and equality the rule of law and many ideas that people are equal