• when I WAS FOUR

    when I WAS FOUR
    I used to played with teddy bear.I couldnot comb my hair alone.I played all the day.
  • when I was five

    when I was five
    I used to ride bicycle.I couldnot make breakfast.I went to cinema
  • when I was six

    when I was six
    I used to study in the afternoon.I couldnot iron.I slept in the morning.
  • when I was seven

    when I was seven
    I used to make the bed.I couldnot do the laundry.I listened to music
  • when I was eight

    when I was eight
    I used to play basketball.I couldnot make strong exercise.I played with my brother.
  • when I was nine

    when I was nine
    I used to wash the dishes.I couldnot clean the apartiment.I played hiding place.
  • whwn I was ten

    whwn I was ten
    I used to get dressed alone.I couldnot drive motorbike.I walked the dog.
  • whwn I was eleven

    whwn I was eleven
    I used to made breakfast.I couldnot make cake.I danced on weekend.
  • when I was tweleve

    when I was tweleve
    I used to bath alone.I couldnot take beer. I camped with my mother.
  • when I was thirteen

    when I was thirteen
    I used to put on makeup wiht my friends in the afernoon .I couldnot leave to dance.I ate the nails.
  • I am 15,

    I  am 15,
    my name is:yessenia.
    my last name is henao echavarria.
    I live in 12 de octubre.
    I study in the maestro fernando botero.
    I use to listen music.
    I can not arrive late to my house.
    I study everyday.