Key Events in the Scopes Trial

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    The Scopes Trial

  • ACLU Runs an Ad

    ACLU Runs an Ad
    The American Civil Liberties Union runs an ad in the Chattanooga newspaper offering to pay service fees for any Tennessee teacher willing to challenge the recently signed Butler Bill
  • Scopes Gives In

    Scopes Gives In
    After being very reluctant, high school biology teacher and football coach John T. Scopes agrees to accept the ACLU's proposal and test the Butler Bill
  • Bryan Steps In

    Bryan Steps In
    Despite having not practiced law in over thirty years, William Jennings Bryan gladly accepts the offer to be a special prosecutor for the Christian Fundamentals Organization in the Scopes Trial
  • Scopes Indicted

    Scopes Indicted
    John Scopes is indicted in Dayton, TN for violating the Butler law
  • Case Number 5235

    Case Number 5235
    The State of Tennessee vs. John T. Scopes is presented to Judge John T. Raulston
  • Darrow's Speech

    Darrow's Speech
    In an attempt to get Judge Raulston to see the Butler Law as unconstitutional, Clarence Darrow delivers a speech against "religious bigotry and hate"
  • The Trial Continues

    The Trial Continues
    Judge Raulston does not give into Darrow's speech and the trial continues. To speak on behalf of evolution Darrow's team brings in scientists
  • Judge Raulston Speaks

    Judge Raulston Speaks
    Judge Raulston decides that Darrow's team is not allowed to have scientists testify before the jury
  • Darrow Questions Bryan

    Darrow Questions Bryan
    Darrow questions Bryan, getting him to admit that perhaps not EVERYTHING in the Bible should be taken literally. This event ends up one of the most significant, and most memorable, even of the entire trial.
  • The Decision

    The Decision
    After witnessing the seven-day trial the jury takes only six minutes to find Scopes as guilty of violating the Butler Law. He is fined $100 and speaks out saying that he will "defy the law in anyway I can."