Jacksonian Democracy & Andrew Jackson

  • Corrupt Bargain

    Jackson Accused John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay of a corupt bargain. He also considered a victim of such practices.
  • Congress Tariff

    Congress passed a tariff before Jackson took over office. The tariff put a heavy tax on imports.
  • 7th president

    Andrew Jackson was elected the 7th president of the US.
  • Period: to


    Jacksonian Democracy & Andew Jackson
  • Discovery of Gold

    Georgia was sought after because of the discovery of gold in a region of that state.
  • Jackson's rejected Bill

    Jackson rejected the bill proposed by Congress that would build a road from Maysville, Kentucky to Lexington, Kentucky.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Jackson endorsed the Indian Removal Act.
  • Vetoed Bill

    Jackson vetoed a bill that could've lost him votes.
  • Bank's new Charter

    the Bank of the United States recieved it's new charter.
  • Force Bill

    South Carolina's threat by imposing the Force Bill was passed
  • Moving the Indians

    Jackson's descision to remove the indians was enforced, so the United States Army removed 15,000 Cherokee tribe members from their land.