bob marley

By luzmia
  • He was born

    He was born
    he was born in England.
  • The family moved.

    The family moved.
    His family moved to Jamaica Capital Kingston.
  • Period: to


    Bob Marley continued to make the music that wold develop into reggae.
  • He started playing music.

    He started playing music.
    He started playing music toguether with Bunny Livingston and Peter Mcintosn.
  • First record

    First record
    He make his first record at the age of 17.
  • Simmer Down.

    Simmer Down.
    His band the recored your first song simmer down.
  • Married.

    Bob Marley married Rita Anderson.
  • Wairlers.

    The Wailers went to London.