Bob marley

Reggae´s world superstar

By josele
  • He was born

    He was born
    His family moved to Jamaica's Capital Kingston when he was 12.They lived in mthe slum area of Trench Town, which became the inspiration for many of his songs.Marley also played a lot of football, which was his other great passion after music.
  • The Wailers

    The Wailers
    He met Bunny Livingstone and Peter Mcintosh and they started playing music together as The Wailers.
  • Period: to

    Bob Marley and The wailers

    Marley continued to make the music that would develop into the reggae -a slowed down version of older dance music styles like ska and bluebeat. The looser , more relaxed rhythms of reggae suited the political atmosphere of the time with its enphasis on peaceful protest and free love.
  • Bob Marley married Rita Anderson

    Bob Marley married Rita Anderson
  • The Wailers went to England.

    The Wailers went to England.
    The Wailers went to London which had been the centre of youth culture in the '60.
  • Bob Marley and the political commitment.

    Bob Marley and the political commitment.
    Chris Blackwell, the white Englishman who owned Island Records, risked $8000 on the unknow band's first album. It was an immediate success. It was also perfectly timed for the Jamaican elections, which the People's Natonal Party candidate, Michael Manley, won in 1972. Although Manley was white, he promised to improve conditions for poor black people in Jamaica. As Marley's fame grew, he became increasingly involved in the politics of his country.
  • The Wailers went to United States

    The Wailers' 1973 Tour of the United States was a disaster. Because of Briain's large Jamaican community, reggae was always more readlly acecepted here than in the States.