World War 1 causes, events, and post events

By andyk14
  • sinking of the lusitania

    sinking of the lusitania
    germans sunk british passnger ship with american passengers on it, therefore causing an act of war against the united states.
  • U-boat threat

    U-boat threat
    germany anounces their submarine campaign
  • germans declare sub warfare

    germans declare sub warfare
    the germans declare unrestricted warfare on all ships that would be armed
  • wilsons demands

    wilsons demands
    on april 18th,1916 president wilson send a list of demands to germany, saying that if they did not stop attacking passenger ships, then the U.S would sever relations.
  • sussex pledge

    sussex pledge
    kaiser agreed to wilsons demands upon stopping the attacks on ships, only because he did not have enough subs to risk war.
  • final months of peace

    final months of peace
    right after wilson was elected again, reports were heard on germany renewing unrestricted submarine warfare.
  • a shot at peace

    a shot at peace
    wislon attempted to tell both sides to state their war aims, allies wanted to negotiate privately and only if germany would follow reasonable actions also.
  • peace without victory

    peace without victory
    wilson gave a speech stating his ambitious aims, and he was pushing for peace with all nations.
  • war matters get worse

    war matters get worse
    german ambassador said that all ships would be shot on sight no matter what. this caused tension.
  • zimmermann telegram

    zimmermann telegram
    germany sent mexico a telegram trying to get them to declare war on america, this was intercepted by britain and shown to the U.S. this was yet another act of war against us.
  • arm the ships

    arm the ships
    wilson demanded that all merchant ships be armed with weapons.
  • last act of war

    last act of war
    when they knew ships were armed, the germans u-boats sank 5 merchant ships. this was the final straw.
  • war!

    wilson asked for a declaration of war, and he recieved it.
  • trench warfare

    trench warfare
    the main type of tactics used during this war was trench warfare, they dug their trenchs only about a hundred yards apart and went at it, this was very harsh.
  • treaty of versailles

    treaty of versailles
    wilson created his fourtenn points, and they came to a conclusion with other countries that this would be a good srt of guidelines to fllow for further peace.
  • assault on western front

    assault on western front
    the germans launched a huge assualt to the western front, this took a toll on the allied forces.
  • chateau-thierry

    american forces blocked germans at this town and haulted this massive assault.
  • coming up short

    coming up short
    germans gave everything they had to get to paris, but they did not succeed and were stopped at marne. everyone knew the war was over by now.
  • armistice

    germans looked to wilson for armistice, and at the end of the month, turkey,bulgaria, and austria-hungary were out of the war, and now even germany.
  • armistice

    germany looked to wilson for armistice, by end of the month 3 countries were out of the war.
  • peace at paris

    peace at paris
    many countries met to set guidelines for peace and consequences for germany. wilsons fourteen points were basicallyabandoned except for the league of nations idea.
  • finalization

    treaty of versailles was finished up, and wilson brught it back home for advison by congress, they never ended up passing it but war never broke ut again.