About me

By ruthc
  • My brother was born

    My brother one year older than me
  • I was born

    I was born in the United States 1997/2/7.My name is Ruth from the Bible have to take to the road.I am a middle child, in front of me there is a year older than me brother.
  • My brother was born

    I am so happy I have a brother.He is so cute. I was 1 year old that year.
  • According to the United States for families

    According to the United States for families
    End user license for me and my mother. Brother. My grandmother went to disney and Hollywood film city
  • I started to learn piano

    I started to learn piano
    I am just learning the piano with my brother is learning with clergywoman.We love reading the church attached to the nursery, so a class just to learn piano to the Parsonage.
  • I go to primary school

    I go to primary school
    Although not realize I first entered elementary school students, but together for 2 years to know each other again after the third year of a separate shift
  • Examination into the music program

    Examination into the music program
    Students read together with the music program for 4 years
  • To the United States again

    To the United States again
    I come here with my brother and mother . We go to to disney and Hollywood film city again.
  • Beijing Olympics

    Beijing Olympics
    Chinese women's weightlifting delegation also works. Women's 48kg Chen Wei Ling, the sum of 191 kg to 1 kg difference won the bronze.
  • Taiwan's 88 flood

    Taiwan's 88 flood
    Last year, battered by Typhoon Morakot Kobayashi Township Kaohsiung County village, not only causing serious casualties, Xiaolin was buried in debris
  • Elementary School graduate

    I went to elementary school exam, Chung Cheng Junior High music program
  • Country, one end of the then United States

    Country, one end of the then United States
    To the United States before the winter vacation in 8 / 10 Xiankao language identification test
  • EPA actively promoting international environmental protection technology and experience exchange carbon reduction

    EPA specification for the positive response to the Copenhagen agreement, pragmatic implementation plan for the future can enhance the effects of carbon reduction policies and supporting measures, and that meet the measurable, reportable and verifiable (Measureable, Reportable and Verifiable, MRV) of the voluntary mitigation actions , and for our domestic communities to understand the development trend of international climate negotiations
  • iPhone4

    Unicom iPhone 4 reservation close to 5 million users. The next day, the market is still hot, make an appointment for iPhone 4 in the tens of thousands of users have increased. Cooperation with China Unicom appointment Suning Appliance sales volume more than 6 million people. This can be said for the iphone 4 most popular mobile phones by the end of the mainland consumer enthusiasm and full of enthusiasm was higher than last year's purchase of listed iphone 3GS. 以拼音方式閱讀
  • Brother Paul died octopus

    Brother Paul died octopus
    "Octopus man" Paul died early this morning, because of his World Cup in South Africa this year, and more accurately predict the race to become the global focus. Germany (Oberhausen Aquarium) that Paul died in the early morning, the staff is very sad. Aquarium manager said that Paul is talking about the focus of the World Cup and become memorable.
  • China versus Japan Basebal

    China versus Japan Basebal
    Bureau of 0:0 before the 7 until the Board only under 8 points out, losing the final 0 to 3, the Japanese will be the Chinese team in the Top 4 of 18 cross-race rivals
  • 190 million years, the oldest fossils of dinosaur eggs

    190 million years, the oldest fossils of dinosaur eggs
    Paleontologists have identified the oldest known dinosaur embryos are about 1.9 billion years ago the species. Ojo 1976, South Africa, dragon eggs excavated, containing preserved embryos. Ojo is a long-necked dragon dragon (formerly known as Brontosaurus) family ancestors. The study, published in "Journal of Vertebrate" (The Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology), opened the face of the early development of dinosaurs.
  • Shanghai fire

    Fire the teachers and the next two high-rise apartment buildings have been completely wrap scaffolding and green mesh, fire, teachers of green outside the apartment has been completely burned an empty net.
  • Shanghai World Expo

    World Expo 20nghai, China for the first time a comprehensive world exposition held in the Shanghai World Expo has attracted about seven million worldwide watched the crowd.
  • Not as good as the top 3 add J.K. Rowling

    "2010 China Rich List author" last (fifth) posted on Tuesday, the first royalty revenue from the children's literature writer Yang Hongying to 25 million yuan (RMB) won revenue. Yong, Hong Kong and Taiwan writer Li Ao, etc. This year, the first time. Organizers launched the first "the most profitable in China, foreign writers Rich List", the highest in the first Harry Potter J.K. Rowling, one person earned 95.5 million yuan on the mainland (about four. Four hundred million yuan Taiwan currency)
  • Worsening cholera epidemic in Haiti

    Cholera outbreak worsens in Haiti, angry people violent protests to the United Nations peacekeeping force in the second largest city, "Cap Haitien," the people throwing stones at the troops, and containment of the road, while troops fired tear gas to disperse the two sides the outbreak of physical conflict. 以拼音方式閱讀
  • Sun v.s. Lakers NBA

    Lopez first half sprained left knee, said he would decide day by day as the race or not, she is living and disadvantages of the sun rebounds 32:49, 28:68 score big loser Lakers closed and instead hail of bullets stroke by one-third of life, 22-40, the hit rate above 5 percent.
  • Two million pixel camera phone

    The phone is easy to Communication Technology Co., Ltd. Fuji imported from China, the model for the "WCS-GC656", called for dual-network, dual standby, camera and cell phone up to two million pixels, the industry imported two thousand, and in the whole Distribution units, priced about four thousand dollars.
  • Gartner

    According to recent survey research consultancy Gartner, this (2010) in the third quarter, shipments of smart phones, compared to the (2009) over the same period nearly doubled, from 4,100 million increased to 8,100 million, accounting for nearly the whole phone
  • facebook

    (Facebook) today introduced the multi-functional information tool that allows users to integrate e-mail, instant messaging and message services. Face book CEO Zuke Bo (Mark Zuckerberg), said the new system will let users have facebook.com account, but he insisted that the system not end there.