unit 2 Revolution

  • Boston Massacre

    a group of colinist were yelling at screaming at a smaller group of red coats. the red coats thought they heard the captin yell firer and they did. They killed five unarmed citizens.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Colinist dressed up as indians and went to a tea party on British ships. They grabed tons of tea and threw it into the ocean.
  • Battle of Lexington & Concord

    General Thomas Gage was ordered to destroy all the illeagl weapons hidden in Concord. Paul Revere heard about this and went ahead to tell the people in concord, They were ready when th British arived and had a stand off in lexington, someone shot and they started a battle. The americans ran. The british went concord to take the weapons but they were gone they went back and were ambused by the americans and killed many British.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    The Americnas had a base at Bunker Hill and the British attacked and took the hill. They both declared victory because the British took the hill but the Americnas inflicted more damage on the British.
  • Battle of New York

    Washington was defending New York from the British. The British were beating Washington and he reatreated from New York.
  • Declaration of Independence Signing

    a document written to declare our indipendance and started the war.
  • Battle of Trenton

    Washington attacks trenton by surprise, he takes 900 hessions prisoner.
  • Battle of Princeton

    while the british were attacking the Americnas the Americans decided to retraet without being told by Washington. Washington went out into battle on his hoarse and told the men not to retreat.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    The Americans won this battle that ended the plan to split the colinies in two. 500 British solsiers surrendered
  • Valley Forge

    the Americans were being trained as real soilders. Harsh winter ove 2000 deaths
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Washington corner the British and the French stop them from retreating by sea. This battle often marks the end of the war.
  • Treaty of Paris

    a treaty signed fro peace between anerica and Britian. This treaty ended the war.