• when i was born

    this is the date i was born on.conception
  • got my first hair cut

    this is when i got my hair cut .infancy
  • pre-school

    first went to pre-school. infancy
  • first tnime playing baseball

    this was when i first started playing baseball. childhooh
  • first time playing football

    this is when i first started playing football. childhood
  • got my first pet

    i got my first pet, my pet was a pet bird. i forgot wt kind of bird it was it was a bird. childhood
  • big bass

    this is when i caught my first big large mouth bass, and got it mounded onto my wall. childhood
  • elementry school

    graduated elementry school. that day was alot of fun. it was exciteing to go to middle school
  • vacation

    went to california for the first time for spring break. it was my dad,brother and me who went. it was so much fun. abolescene
  • grew my hair out.\

    this is when i grew my first afro. it was really long too. abolescene
  • baseball sectionals

    we won baseball sectionals, first time in 30 years. it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.abolescene
  • high school

    first day of high school. i was pretty nervous that day. abolescene
  • football sectionals

    this is when i played in the football sectionsl championship. and we won. this was the best game bosse ever played. abolscene