Julia Child's Lifetime

  • Julia's Birthday

    Julia was born on October 15 in Pasedena California.
  • Graduation ( June 1st is not her acuaul date of Graduation)

    Julia Graduated from High School in 1930, she attended Smith College in Massachuesetts.
  • Julia joins the O.S.S (October 30 is not the date she joined)

  • Julia marries Paul Child

  • Julia publishes her first cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking

    December 27th is not the real date of publication
  • Julia Starts her cooking show(October 30th is not the real date)

  • Julia wins the Peabody award (August 1 is not the real date)

  • Julia wins an Emmy (November 11th is not the real date)

  • Paul suffers a stroke ( December 30 is not the actual date)

    Paul was put into a nursing home.
  • Julia is welcomed into the Culinary Hall of Fame (January 1 is the real date)

  • Paul Dies

  • She wins the Legion d’Honneur (July 28 is not the real date)

  • Julia moves to California (October 30 is nopt the real date)

  • Julia donates her kitchen (April 19 is not the real date)

  • Julia dies

    Julia Child will always be remembered.